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7-Frequency Silent Hands-Free Automatic Male Sex Masturbation Vibration Cup

7-Frequency Silent Hands-Free Automatic Male Sex Masturbation Vibration Cup

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Key Features:

  1. Dual Engine Motor Movement
    • 7 Frequency Vibration and Thrusting Combinations: The toy offers a variety of 7 vibrating and thrusting modes, enhancing the overall experience with unique rhythm patterns.
    • High Efficiency: Specialized motors improve performance and ensure a powerful, satisfying experience.
  2. Immersive Inner Stretch
    • Double Rings for Tight Fixation: The head of the toy features double rings for a secure fit, enhancing the friction and wrapping strength.
    • Realistic Movement Simulation: The texture and movement mimic deep-throat oral sucking, providing a sensation of stretching and writhing.
  3. SPA Window
    • Transparent Viewing Window: This feature allows users to visually engage with the experience, heightening the sensory pleasure.
    • Enhanced Stimulation: The proximity of the motor vibration through the window intensifies the overall sensation.
  4. Realistic Texture and TPE Material
    • Soft TPE Gel: The inner sleeve is crafted from soft TPE gel, making insertion smooth and comfortable.
    • Textured Inner Sleeve: Lined with small bud tentacles, the sleeve provides a firm, massaging wrap with each movement.
    • Safe and Super Soft Material: The ribbed sleeve is made from safe, high-quality TPE material that fits all sizes.
  5. Waterproof Design
    • IPX6 Waterproof Rating: The device is fully waterproof, making it easy to clean and maintain.
    • Type-C Charging and High-Capacity Battery: Comes with a Type-C charging cable and a built-in high-capacity battery for convenient and long-lasting use.
    • Removable Sleeve for Easy Cleaning: The inner sleeve can be removed and cleaned under running water, ensuring hygiene and ease of use.

This product is designed to provide a unique and satisfying experience with its advanced features and high-quality materials, making it a standout option in male erotic devices.

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